Principal's Message

Port Macquarie Adventist School is in many ways like a diamond. It's small and often hard to find, but once you discover it, the rewards are fantastic.

Port Macquarie Adventist School is a caring learning community, committed to developing personal excellence through academics, as well as leading students into a personal relationship with Jesus.  Our school provides nurture, promotes excellence and instils values.  For many, school is about classes, homework and academic standards. Our aim at Port Macquarie Adventist School is not only to provide quality, individualised education but to also support students in developing skills to cope with life, to find where they belong and to understand how they can make a difference in their world.  Our focus is to go above and beyond this practical dimension to a higher purpose – assisting students to develop a balanced life where personal skills and talents are nurtured, friendships are enjoyed and positive attitudes are developed.

We understand that you want the best for your child.  We also understand that children learn differently.  For this reason we focus not only on what your child learns, but how they learn.  With enviable student-to-teacher ratios, we are able to meet children’s individual needs and assist in optimising their academic achievement.  We also recognise that learning goes beyond classroom; that it extends to building confidence and resilience, taking responsibility, and engaging with others.  These aspects of learning, plus more, are explored through our pastoral care program. 

The supportive environment at Port Macquarie Adventist School facilitates spiritual, academic and social growth in all members of the school community.   By choosing Port Macquarie Adventist School for your child, you will be placing them in a safe and intimate learning environment that supports their learning, nurtures their talents and encourages their development into confident and capable citizens of their community. 

Port Macquarie Adventist School is making a difference in the lives of children and their families – a difference that has far reaching effects.  I am thankful for God’s presence in our school and His blessing upon it. 

I look forward to welcoming you and your child to our Port Macquarie Adventist School community.  Please don't hesitate to call for a personal school tour.

In His service

Mr Phillip Lillehagen