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To request an information pack, please complete the request for information section to the left.   If you prefer, you can call us on (02) 6582 2271 to arrange for an information pack to be sent to you.

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While our web site provides a wealth of information about our school, it cannot capture what happens at Port Macquarie Adventist School.  For this reason, we encourage you and your child to visit the school during school hours to see Business as Usual.  It is only then that you will see for yourself that Port Macquarie Adventist School is all that it is reported to be.

We welcome your enquiry.  Please contact us to make a booking to see Business as Usual at Port Macquarie Adventist School.    

Enrolment Procedures

All students are required to complete an Application for Enrolment form which is available from the school office, or from this website (see below). 

We value families, and believe it is the combined effort of the school and family that completes a child’s education.  It is important therefore, that each family meets with the school Principal prior to enrolment.  The enrolling child and their parent should contact the school to make arrangements for an enrolment interview with the Principal to discuss the educational goals and expectations of both the parents and the school.

At the time of enrolment, parents should advise the school of any family court order, which may relate to the child.

Conditions of Enrolment

Port Macquarie Adventist School is open to all families who wish to provide their children with quality Christian education.  Enrolments are accepted without regard to religion, ethnic background or nationality.

Port Macquarie Adventist School operates not only for the members of the Adventist community, but also for students in the broader community who are committed to the values and the ethos of the school. While there is no religious test applied to applicants, all students are expected to live in harmony with the standards and regulations of the school. They are also expected to participate in the life and program of the school; including devotional activities and Bible classes.

  1. Enrolment at the school is subject to the following terms and conditions:
    Parents/caregivers will support the ethos and philosophy of the school and will endeavour to support and uphold the principles, practices and policies of the school in every way.
  2. Parents/caregivers give permission for their child to participate in all of the school’s activities, including biblical studies, devotional activities, sports and school sponsored excursions away from the school.
  3. Parents/caregivers will provide their child with the correct uniform as approved by the School Council and will support the school’s uniform code.
  4. Parents/caregivers will undertake to provide their child with all necessary equipment of a personal nature that may be needed to enable their child to fully participate in the school’s educational program and to give positive encouragement to help their children with assigned homework tasks.
  5. Parents/caregivers support the Student Behaviour Plan and in accordance with this, any impact on their child as a consequence of their child’s actions.  
  6. Parents/caregivers agree at the earliest opportunity, to bring any grievances or complaint enquiries directly to the classroom teacher concerned, or to the school Principal and that these grievances are kept in confidentiality with only those involved.
  7. While acknowledging that students come from varied religious and ethnic backgrounds, enrolment at Port Macquarie Adventist School presupposes that students will behave, both in and out of school, in a manner which does not contravene the “Christian” code of conduct.  This code, based on Christian principals of behaviour and lifestyle is outlined in the School Handbook and Student Behaviour Plan.  Should a student not behave in such a manner and bring dishonour to the school, his/her enrolment may be jeopardised.
  8. Parents/caregivers accept that if the school is unable to contact or consult them in any medical emergency involving their child they hereby authorise the school to take all necessary steps to provide appropriate medical care for their child.
  9. All fees and charges are payable in accordance with the signed payment agreement.  In case of financial difficulty, special arrangements may be made through the Principal for the fee payers to meet with the finance committee.
  10. Failure to pay fees by the designated time will disqualify parents from receiving the prompt payment discount.
  11. If all fees and charges are not paid according to the signed payment agreement and special arrangements have not been made with the Finance Committee, action will be taken by the School Council that may lead to the child/ren not being accepted the following term.
  12. The School Council may suspend or terminate enrolment at its discretion for failure to comply with these conditions or other serious breaches of the Council’s rules and regulations.
  13. All children who are accepted for admission are initially accepted on a provisional basis for one school term.